What is an Opportunities Consultant exactly?

As the name says, is someone who advises on the opportunities.
When I became aware that I “know” something that most people do not know – such as Romanian and Spanish language and I saw the interest on investments in Romania, I started my journey as Opportunities Consultant for a group of Spanish companies that built several PV Solar farms in Romania in 2009.
Of course, after some years I intermediate business partnerships between several Romanian and Spanish companies, in different areas, as well as Korean cosmetics manufacturers with Romanian companies.
This job made me open my mind and take the Translator exam in Romania as well as the Project manager title.
I am very persistent, organized and eager to learn something new every day so the way to manage a Project, small or big is very important.
On one of my business trips in South Korea, in 2013, I discovered the Korean cosmetics and the quality as well as the interest on the Europeans on these functional and cute cosmetics. Therefore, I begin to build some connection with Korean manufacturers that wanted to enter the European market. My idea was to help them to pass the “paperwork” and have a nice “entry” on Europe. Since any cosmetics must be CPNP notified, I begin to be the intermediary between some of the companies that were interested in selling in UE.
It would be a great honored to have your trust and to be your best tool to get on your next step in your business.